Relax by pool

Imagine a hot summer afternoon. You come from work after a busy day. At home you park comfortably, take your swimsuits and jump straight into the water. No, we're really not in the movie. This is exactly what Chrlice Place offers.

The luxurious pool in the private garden will be reserved for residents only. Thanks to this, you can ball privacy while enjoying the garden to the neighbourly meetings. While you are comfortable talking, your children can build new friendships. You do not even have to worry about its maintenance.

The ensured service takes all care. Pool costs are CZK 5/m2 per month, according to the size of the flat from CZK 150 to CZK 600 per flat and month.


Size: 9.75 m x 4.5 m, depth 1.5 m

Type: recessed pool with roof and salt water



Come a little pamper yourself. Give yourself and your children the best!