Flats available

3st floor

REZERVACE<br>Byt 3.01<br>3+kk REZERVACE<br>Byt 3.01<br>3+kk 8 885 044 Kč<br>Byt 3.02<br>4+kk 8 885 044 Kč<br>Byt 3.02<br>4+kk
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Disposition Flat number Total area Price including VAT

Parking places

Floor Object Total number of seats Usable area Price
ground floor cellar smaller 3 5,6 m2  68 123 CZK
ground floor cellar larger 2,8 m2 33 517 CZK
ground floor parking place 9   48 400 CZK
ground floor garage   278 300 CZK
ground floor double garage   496 100 CZK

These prices are final, the buyer doesn´t pay a brokerage or a tax on the acquisition of the property (doesn´t apply to a ground). Costs for swimming pool service are 5 CZK / m2 per month. Depending on the apartment size, the resident pays from 150 CZK to 600 CZK per apartment and month.*

* This amount is current as of date June 1, 2017. Please note that it may change before the completion.